'Industry 4.0', 'smart factory' and 'the industrial internet of things' (IIoT) are buzzwords you can’t avoid if you work in manufacturing, particularly if you work in the CNC machining industry.

In this video, Paul Maxted, Director of Industrial Metrology Applications at Renishaw, discusses how data and connectivity are key to helping manufacturers automate their processes and improve the productivity of their factories.

Renishaw has been supporting automation and process control within the CNC manufacturing industry for over 45 years.

As manufacturers ourselves, we face the same production challenges as our global customers:

• to be highly productive

• to achieve more consistent capability

• to increase our levels of automation

• to reduce our costs and be globally competitive

We've applied our own innovative approach to eliminating or controlling sources of variation in our manufacturing, using our own products to address these common challenges. We've shared our learnings with our customers who are now consistently producing performance parts, manufactured to tighter tolerances and with minimal human intervention.

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