Plastic that is at risk of entering oceans is being reclaimed, cleaned and made available to once again be used for food and beverage packaging. Envision Plastics can now provide customers with OceanBound Plastic, a post-consumer resin collected from at-risk regions around the globe, specifically manufactured for direct food contact.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Letter of Non-Objection (NOL) regarding the suitability of Envision’s OceanBound Plastic when used at levels up to 100% in recycled high-density polyethylene packaging for all food types under Conditions of Use C-H.

Efforts to protect oceans from plastic have historically focused on removing the material after it reached a beach or entered a waterway, but these efforts have failed to collect meaningful volumes. Envision has worked to better understand how it can help maximize the use of post-consumer resin in a manner that benefits the environment and supports the needs of Envision’s customers. In 2017, Envision Plastics launched OceanBound Plastic, having partnered with local communities in at-risk areas around the world to recover the plastic before it enters the ocean. Envision’s OceanBound Plastic leverages the capabilities of Envision’s global supply chain and manufacturing expertise to solve this problem and deliver a resin that can be readily integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

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