Created for the complexity of the automotive industry, Konica Minolta Sensing’s hand-held Spectrophotometer, the CM-M6, allows you to control the color of metallic, pearlescent and other intricate paints and coatings. Color management and appearance are essential in many areas of today’s automotive manufacturing environment and requires the ability to measure subtle differences in color and appearance. The CM-M6 provides measurement data at six selectable angles, ideal for capturing finishes that exhibit visual changes at different angles. When controlling the color of difficult paints and coatings like automotive exteriors, it is important to have a precision instrument. The optimized, patented, optical measurement system gives accurate and stable results even on curved surface, while the double-path illumination system (also patented) with directed 45° illumination and 6-angle observation (-15°/15°/25°/45°/75°/110° aspecular) from two sides, accurately measure painted parts at the automotive production floor. Samples such as front and rear bumpers, vehicle mirror bodies or door handles measure fast, accurately and repeatedly. Its compact and lightweight vertical shape is easy to hold by one or two hands and enables easy positioning, while the high-resolution back-illuminated color display is easy to read even in the lowest ambient lighting conditions.