Source: EnerpacSource: EnerpacThe E-pulse is a high-efficiency 0.85 HP hydraulic pump with a six-piston block motor design. It has a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 psi with a flow rate of 32 in³ per minute at its rated pressure.

The six-piston design couples with Enerpac’s smart controls to deliver constant power and higher flow rates. A 24 V DC power regulator, built-in thermal protection and IP 67-rated pendant allow for dependable operation and the featured loaded pendant supplies visual and tactile feedback, programming status and diagnostic status to the operator.

Enerpac’s new electrically powered hydraulic pump is housed in an IP 54-rated aluminum housing that provides easy access to internal components. It is available with five different valves: 3/2 jog, 4/3 jog, 3/2 dump-and-hold, 3/2 dump and 4/2 torque wrench. The pump also features a 4 in pre-calibrated pressure gauge, an oil level indicator, a convenient oil fill port and supplies the following fault codes to the operator through the interactive teach pendant: voltage unbalance, over temperature warnings, button malfunctions or professional service required.