Think Big. Engineer Small.Developing a medical device? Its custom components will need to be designed for manufacturability, guided by mechanical engineering experts, and backed by mature quality systems to ensure successful launch.

Custom Gears & Motion Control Solutions

Whether its gears for surgical robotics, gearboxes for powered hand tools or an actuator for a motorized gurney, OEMs turn to Precipart for their most challenging gear requirements. Working as an extension of new product development design teams, medical device manufacturers have learned that they benefit most when engaging the engineering and manufacturing gear gurus at Precipart as early in the design phase as possible. From quick turn prototypes, to full volume production, Precipart specializes in autoclavable systems including surgical drills, saws, staplers, shavers, taps and reamers and we are currently supporting 10 surgical robots. In order to ensure optimal performance of your geared application, it is worth reviewing it with the gear and motion control experts at Precipart.

Micro Manufacturing

A Swiss, family-owned company, Precipart’s legacy dates back to the invention of the very first Swiss screw machine. Over 70 years, we have built on our knowledge of precision machining very small parts to include additional manufacturing technologies including: ceramic and metal injection molding, as well as, the highest resolution micro 3D printing capability available on the market today. We can print parts to ±5µ tolerances.

As medical devices grow smaller and less invasive, more OEMs are turning to Precipart for their expertise in small and miniature custom components with very tight tolerances. Applications include precious metal catheter tips and marker bands, pacemaker feedthroughs, cochlear implants, phaco needles for eye surgery, vascular closure pins, and a number of components for robotic surgery such as links for steerable systems and 3D Printed soft tissue graspers. Precipart’s engineers stand ready to advise on the optimal material and manufacturing method for your unique application.

Quality Is Our Top Priority

From precision components and instruments, to geared assemblies for power tools, Precipart supports the most recognized names in the medical device market with precision engineered solutions for medical devices and surgical applications. As an ISO 13485 company, the quality and integrity of the components we produce are backed by a mature quality system and what many of our OEM customers tell us is the best Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) system they have ever seen.