A fully automated solution, the LW2 is the most complete laser marking station on the market. Ergonomic and easy to use, this laser station makes it possible to quickly carry out all types of marking (texts, Datamatrix codes, logos, etc.), from single marking to large series.

The LW2 laser marking station is the solution for all your markings: benefit from a complete, productive workstation that can be adapted to your applications and specifications. Equipped with a 180 by 280 mm viewing window, the LW2 marking station allows you to view your markings in real time without any protection required. The LW2 has an automatic door, remote controller and dedicated software. Closing the door, marking, and opening the door are done by simply pressing the button on the remote control (door opening/closing time: 1.5 sec).

Certified class 1, equipped with the complete "interlock" locking system and anti-pinch sensors, the LW2 guarantees you safe marking. The software provided with the LW2, Lasertrace™, allows you to control your laser in manual mode, or to switch to production mode: optimize your productivity thanks to the semi-automatic or automatic levels that make your marking station a totally autonomous industrial station. Available with all lasers in the range: Fiber, Hybrid, CO2, Green, this station allows surface marking as well as deep engraving.