In particular, when handling small, sensitive components, the subject of "technical cleanliness" is increasing in demand, for example in the manufacturing of light electronic or hydraulic products. In response to the rising trend of technical cleanliness, we now offer a program of specifically designed solutions.

The assembly of critical parts, components and systems in conjunction with technical cleanliness is done in a so-called clean production environment. Deprag offers proven components that meet the requirements of technical cleanliness in automatic parts feeding and assembly. Particulates are minimized using friction or vacuum with the help of a range of methods and components.

The particle killer for technical cleanliness

For the installation of critical parts, components and systems for the purpose of technical cleanliness are produced in the context of "clean manufacturing." Deprag offers a cost-effective, technically-advanced solution that meets the requirements of technical cleanliness for automatic part feeding. Contaminants are collected and extracted in the process using vacuum suction.

Your advantage

Deprag is continually developing the concept to achieve the requirements of "technical cleanliness." The complete program requires individual components from one source.

Technical process:

  • Particle extraction using vacuum suction

Additional devices/techniques:

  • Screwdriving with integrated vacuum connection
  • Oscillating rail or sword feeder
  • Control (LC or DSEC + DPU)

Required control components:

  • Pneumatic Valve/Vacuum Generator


  • 24VDC PNP

Dimensions (LxWxH):

  • Inline variant: 170 x 30 x 120 mm (without hoses)
  • Pick-and-place variant: 540 (due to 160 mm load stroke) x 50 x 125 mm (without hoses)


The component is stopped at position 1 and particulates on the auto fed part (e.g. screw) are extracted via vacuum suction. The particulates are collected by an exchangeable filter element, which is visible through a viewing pane.

In position 2, the cleaned component is presented either to the auto assembly module tooling (inline variant) or to a pick position (pick-and-place variant).

Application of the following equipment can help to produce the optimal results:

  • Pre-cleaned feeding components (e.g. Arnold Cleancon screws) results in fewer particulates due to an additional cleaning process
  • DEPRAG Sword Feeder, which enables vibration-free part feeding and, therefore, less particle generation
  • DEPRAG Particle Killer, which selectively reduces debris in the auto-feed process
  • DEPRAG SFM-V vacuum screwdriving module extracts debris created during the assembly process using vacuum sources