Law enforcement in Moscow may soon be outfitted with facial recognition goggles to help identify wanted individuals.

The augmented reality glasses, according to reports, are expected to assist law enforcement by matching suspicious persons with images of people held in a central database. In the event of a match, the wearer would be notified that the suspect should be checked for identification.

The facial recognition technology, called FindFace, from software developer Ntechlab who originally developed the software for use as a corporate security tool, granting employees access to restricted areas, will be installed in wearable devices created by Japanese electronics firm Epson.

Moscow is not the first city to employ wearable facial recognition technology. Law enforcement officials in Zhengzhou, China, began using facial recognition sunglasses in 2018 at that city’s East Railway Station to take pictures of suspicious individuals to compare with images of wanted suspects held in a database. During its first few weeks of use, reports said the technology collared suspects wanted in connection with crimes ranging from human trafficking to hit and run incidents.

So far, it is unclear when and where Moscow law enforcement will begin using the technology.

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