Healthcare is often a topic in the news and a major talking point in both the work world and at home. Human resources professionals and company leadership teams are frequently reviewing and making changes to policies as times change and it seems for the most part, things are positive for Americans.

In a December 2018 Gallup poll, the majority of Americans surveyed rated the quality of their healthcare in a positive way. Most people rated the coverage (69%) and quality (80%) as excellent or good.

This is mirrored in terms of people’s happiness with the cost of their care. On average, 58% of people are satisfied with the cost of their plan. While satisfaction varies among certain age groups, adults 65% and over were the most satisfied overall, at 68%.

While most are happy with their own care, they express a grim outlook on healthcare in America overall.

Americans are more likely to be satisfied than dissatisfied with their own costs. People are likely to see the overall U.S. healthcare system as overly expensive for others but tolerable for themselves. Twenty percent of people said they were generally satisfied with how much healthcare costs for their fellow Americans.

While government intervention is a potential solution, not all Americans see that as the best solution. Americans are split almost down the middle in their views of the law enacted by President Barack Obama.

For the full study, see the Gallup site.