• Chemicals That Kill—The Hidden Chemical War Being Waged Today

    Chemical warfare is ongoing every day in the U.S. and many other countries. The “Fake Media” doesn’t talk much about this war, but waging this chemical war keeps our foods, medicines and homes safe.

  • Scientists Discover a New Way to Purify Fracking Water

    Scientists from Rice University have produced a new filter that can remove more than 90 percent of hydrocarbons, bacterial and particulates from contaminated water that was produced by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations at shale oil and gas wells.

  • New Route for Hydrogen Storage and Transport

    Safe storage and transport of hydrogen is based on the use of liquid hydrogen organic carriers.

  • Two New Security Robots Added to Tech Company Catalog

    Designed for use in airports, hospitals and open-air settings, the models are outfitted with infrared cameras and sensors that can detect intruders and weapons.

  • Authenticating Booze with a Handheld Device

    The device, called SORS (spatially offset Raman spectroscopy), can correctly analyze the chemical makeup of contents concealed in objects such as glass bottles using a laser.

  • The Technology of Metamaterials

    Metamaterials are exotic materials with designable properties that are artificially constructed at the macroscopic level with a periodic structure. They are built to manipulate the electromagnetic or acoustic response of a material at precisely controlled target frequencies. Metamaterials can be used to construct technology that previously only existed in the realm of science fiction.



  • How to Select the Right Automotive Paint to Suit Your Needs

    When selecting automotive paint there are two distinct choices to make. The first choice to consider is the color scheme. There is a range of pigments including metallic, pearlescent and traditional pigments as well as metallic flake, candy coats and color changing “chameleon” colors. To achieve the desired finish you should be aware of the pigment and its limitations and advantages.

    The second choice is the resin system. Traditional car show-quality coating systems were based on lacquer, which is now outlawed in some areas. Urethane and enamel resins are now most common and achieve a durable finish that is more suitable for most automotive applications.

Chemicals and Gases

Metals and Alloys

Polymers and Composites

  • Innovative Building Materials that will Impact Future Architecture

    As reinforced concrete was innovative in the earlier 19th century, the latest building materials look to further capitalize on what is possible by incorporating shape-memory alloys, bendable concrete composites, self-healing materials and electrochromic glass.
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