• What Chemical Lab Equipment is Most Popular Among Engineers?

    I asked my wife, who has a degree in chemical engineering, “What’s the most popular chemical lab equipment being used by engineers?”

    Her response was as I expected, “Chemical engineers do not really use chemical lab equipment. Sometimes we evaluate processes on pilot scale equipment, but bench top chemical laboratories are for chemists and chemical research.”

    Non-technical people do not really understand the difference between a “chemical engineer” and a “chemist." Chemical engineers do not develop or engineer chemicals per se. Most chemical engineers do not really use “chemical lab equipment." Chemical engineers typically run experiments to develop and improve chemical processes on pilot scale equipment or even production scale systems.

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  • How Aircraft Propellers Work

    Aircraft propellers are a key component in the design of propeller-driven planes. They generate the thrust necessary to keep the aircraft in the sky; without the forward motion produced by propellers, there would not be sufficient air flowing past the aircraft’s wings to generate lift.

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