• Google Doodle Honors Quantum Mechanics Pioneer

    Today's Google Doodle honors the birthday of Max Born, one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics.

  • Working from the Comfort of Your...Car?

    Frustrated by long commute times and wasted hours spent sitting in traffic? Project Redspace is an electric commuter vehicle that will double as an office for the future megacity commuter.

  • New Materials to Help Visualize 3D Printed Objects Released

    Allegorithmic introduces the 3D Print collection for Substance Source. With 50 new assets, designers will be able to pre-visualize their products, using digital materials that replicated the layers, marks and surface textures of objects that have gone through the 3D printing process.

  • Smartphones Don't Accurately Track Daily Steps, According to Study

    Scientists conducted a two-party study where 33 participants were given two smartphones each to track their steps as they walked on a treadmill while simultaneously keeping manual track of their steps.

  • Watch: Revolutionary Electronics Design Inspired by Japanese Paper Art

    An ultra-stretchable bioprobe based on kirigami, a variant of origami which utilizes paper cutting in addition to folding, shows significant potential for medical applications of flexible-film electronics.

  • 'Grinch Bots' Beating Consumers to Popular Holiday Gifts

    Popular toys and electronics may be harder to get this holiday season thanks to automated software dubbed “Grinch bots” beating consumers to online sales and special offers on the much sought-after items.

  • Instagram Will Hide Selfies with Animals for Fear of Contributing to Animal Abuse

    Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram will be hiding pictures that travelers take posing with animals such as sloths and koala bears from its site in an effort to combat animal abuse.

  • Text Messages Reach 25th Birthday

    Sending text messages has become so commonplace that it is easy to forget that the text message hasn’t always been a part of our daily lives. This week the text message turns 25 years old.

  • Sourcing Rare Earth Elements from U.S. Coal

    Coal samples were found to have rare earth element concentrations greater than 300 ppm.

  • Google's AI Can Now Detect Strangers Peeking at Your Phone

    Researchers from Google have developed a privacy application that can immediately detect when someone is glancing at your phone screen from over your shoulder.

  • Drones More Damaging Than Bird Strikes, According to Study

    With close calls between drones and airplanes on the rise, a new study by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed that drone collisions cause more damage to planes than collisions with similarly-sized birds.

  • 'Metasurfaces' Can Bend Light and Produce Invisibility

    A new 2D material can effectively control and bend the electric and magnetic components of electromagnetic waves such as light. Potential applications are numerous, and even include an invisibility cloak.

  • 'Metasurfaces' Can Bend Light, Produce Invisibility

    A new 2D material can effectively control and bend the electric and magnetic components of electromagnetic waves such as light. Potential applications are numerous, and even include an invisibility cloak.

  • Engineering Insight: Network and Communication Chips

    This graph summarizes the search tendencies displayed by Engineering360 users with respect to the industry they identified with while registering. The graph shows the search contribution each industry makes in the specified areas relative to the search contribution each industry makes across 3G, UMTS and EDGE chips, Bluetooth® chips, error correction chips, packet switching chips, radio receiver ICs, radio transmitter ICs and ZigBee® chips areas.

  • Preventing Errors on Food Labels

    Food labeling errors have fast become both a costly and brand-damaging issue for food manufacturers. In fact, labeling issues are among the main reasons for food recalls in the first place.

  • Robot that Projects Movies, Monitors Home

    The consumer version of a robot first presented in 2014 has launched following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

  • Roller Skates of the Future

    What do you get for that difficult-to-shop-for person on your gift-giving list this year? If that person happens to always be on the go, perhaps consider getting them a pair of roller skates.

  • German Ban on Child Watches with Listening App

    Certain smartwatches, particularly the kinds marketed to children, have been banned by German regulators because they are in violation of Germany’s surveillance restrictions.

  • Engineering a Good Night's Sleep

    Sleep deprivation is a large problem for all types of professionals. Leave it to a set of entrepreneurs to design a solution to help you get a good night's sleep. Utilizing Bluetooth and induction charging technology makes the SleepPhones® by AcousticSheep LLC an excellent choice to get a good sleep.

  • Fooling Speaker Recognition Systems with Voice Impersonators

    Often used to authenticate the user of an application or for public safety purposes, voice recognition is likely more vulnerable to live voice impersonators that can make voice modifications than to the technically-generated voice attacks.


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