• Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Converts Methane to Electricity

    A new method for producing electricity directly from methane could greatly reduce the amount of methane leakage from pipelines. The method relies on microbial fuel cells located near methane gas wellheads.

  • World's Largest Floating PV Power Plant Now Grid-connected

    Sungrow supplied inverters to connect the 40 megawatt floating photovoltaic system to the grid in Huainan, China.

  • Military UAVs Soar on Solar Power

    Combining autonomous soaring algorithms and solar photovoltaics enables long endurance flights of unmanned sailplanes.

  • Novel Organic 2-D Polymer for Energy Storage

    Scientists at the National University of Singapore have successfully created a 2-D polymer material that is an organic analog of graphene.

  • The Role of Couplings in Power Plants

    Have you ever thought about the components that are required to keep power plant equipment running in order to supply electricity to your house? One such component is a highly engineered mechanical power transmission component called a coupling.

  • LEGO Builds 100% Renewable Energy Base

    The Danish toy manufacturer reached its 100 percent renewable energy supply goal three years ahead of schedule.

  • Solar Cells Could Transform Energy-Starved Communities

    With an estimated 1.2 billion people living without electricity worldwide, researchers at Penn State University began investigating ways to provide them with what many of us take for granted.

  • Micro-Coaxial Cable for Medical Applications

    Hitachi Metals Group Ltd. has released a newly developed 48 AWG coaxial cable for medical applications.

  • Reliable Gear Reduction Units Are Critical For Many Applications

    Many important applications use gear motors and speed reduction gears to gain optimum use of all sizes of electric motors. The optimization of the electric motor function using efficient gearing is making a myriad of applications more effective and more reliable.

  • Low-profile Triple or Dual Output Power Supplies

    TDK-Lambda America offers 35 or 75 watts of power from their CUT35 and CUT75 series low-profile dual or triple output power supplies. The 1.06 inch footprint is convection cooled and the open frame unit can be supplied with optional cover and terminal types.

  • Danish Ferry to Sail with New Marine Battery System

    A modular lithium-ion battery system will power Denmark's E-ferry, the world’s largest 100 percent electric ferry by battery capacity.

  • What are Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors?

    How do ultrasonic flaw detectors work and why do we test for flaws in materials? Ultrasonic testing is akin to the sonar methods developed in World War II and the Cold War to detect enemy submarines in the ocean. A submarine below the surface could be a considered a void or flaw. Pings from sonobuoys with radio beacons and later underwater transducers were used to detect and target enemy submarines. Ultrasonic flaw detectors detect hidden voids, inclusions or cracks beneath the surface of a material, which make them a powerful tool in assuring the integrity of critical parts, products and structures.

  • Coatings for Nuclear Fuel Preventing Explosions in Reactors

    In an effort to reduce hydrogenation of containers where nuclear fuel is stored and to protect reactors from a Fukushima-like radiation disaster, physicists from Tomsk Polytechnic University are developing protective titanium nitride-based coatings for shells of fuel elements (fuel rods) of nuclear reactors.

  • Applying Data Science to Better Predict Effect of Weather and Other Conditions on Solar Panels

    In an effort to extend the life of solar panels, researchers from Case Western Reserve University and Gebze Technical University (GTU) in Turkey are employing data science to understand what effect weather exposure and other conditions have on the materials that create solar panels.

  • Video: Powered Exoskeleton Prevents Slip Ups

    A smart exoskeleton engineered at EPFL recognizes the loss of balance and prevents falling by senior citizens.

  • Tesla Reveals Lower Than Expected Solar Roof Tile Pricing

    Tesla has revealed the highly competitive price of its solar roof tiles and has begun taking orders for them. Serving as both solar panels and traditional roofing, the tiles produce energy and protect a building from the elements simultaneously. Yet they are nearly indistinguishable in appearance from conventional roofing.

  • NuScale Commissions Second SMR Simulator

    A second small modular reactor control room simulator will model operation of its nuclear power plant design.

  • Video: Building the First Autonomous, Zero Emissions Container Ship

    The vessel will eliminate up to 40,000 diesel-powered truck journeys annually in populated urban areas.

  • Scientists Develop More Efficient Catalytic Material

    A method for smaller and more effieicent intermetallic nanoparticles for fuel cells has been discovered by researchers at Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University. This new method also uses less platinum, which is an expensive precious metal.

  • Tips for Preventing Preventable Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to music or a noisy work environment can be gradual with the first signs being missed background noises (a squeaking door, the ticking of a clock) to affected conversations.