• Industrial Pump Derived from Bird Wing Motion

    Birds manipulate airflow each time they flap their wings, pushing air in one direction and moving themselves in another. Two New York University researchers, Benjamin Thiria and Jun Zhang, have created a pump that moves fluid using vibration similar to a bird's motion.

  • ICT Downtime Costs Businesses $100 Million a Year, IHS Infonetics Says

    Technology market research firm Infonetics Research, now part of IHS, conducted in-depth surveys with 205 medium and large businesses in North America and found that companies are losing as much as $100 million per year to downtime related to information and communication technology (ICT).

  • Companies Team Up to Deliver Wireless Connections for the Internet of Things

    Three companies with products applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT) have teamed up to deliver technology that they say will increase device reliability over a wireless network, according to Automation World.

  • Silicon Carbide Used for Sensors in Harsh Environments

    Research from Griffith University suggests that using silicon carbide as a semiconductor for mechanical and electrical sensor devices shows promise for improved operations and safety in dangerous work conditions.

  • Robotics Startup Targets Industrial Automation Sector

    Modbot, a San Francisco-based start-up, is designing industrial robots that will piece together like Legos.

  • Artificial Intelligence May Need a Co-pilot for Self-driving Cars

    Professor from the University of Massachusetts delves into artificial intelligence to make driving safer.

  • Brain-computer Interface Works Wirelessly

    After more than a decade of engineering work, researchers at Brown University and Blackrock Microsystems have commercialized a wireless device that can be attached to a person’s skull and transmit via radio thought commands collected from a brain implant.

  • Uber Robotics Center Looks at Self-driving Cars

    Uber is joining forces with Carnegie Mellon University to open a research center that will develop self-driving cars, expanding its business in a new direction.

  • Ford Has a Better (Parking) Idea

    For most drivers, finding a parking space in a crowded parking lot or busy downtown area is one of the most frustrating driving tasks. Ford Motor engineers are no exception to feeling such frustration, but they have been able to do something toward solving the problem.

  • What's the Best Fieldbus for Your Process Plant?

    Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are influencing the choice of fieldbus technology for process plants.

  • Software That Suggests Low-risk Alternatives

    Imagine that you could tell your phone that you want to drive from your house in Boston to a hotel in upstate New York, that you want to stop for lunch at an Applebee's at about 12:30, and that you don't want the trip to take more than four hours.

  • Cyber Attacks in the Oil Patch: Safeguards and Risk Mitigation Strategies

    As the digital oil field moves from concept to reality, its vulnerabilities take on a whole new importance.

  • Computer Network Rivals Primate Brain in Object Recognition

    Primates visually recognize and determine the category of an object at a brief glance, and to date, this behavior has been unmatched by artificial systems. A study published in PLOS Computational Biology has found that the latest artificial "deep neural network" performs as well as the primate brain.

  • Preparing for the Era of Smart Manufacturing

    The global manufacturing industry is on the verge of what many are calling its fourth Industrial Revolution. In Germany, the wave of manufacturing change is called Industry 4.0. Elsewhere, it has been dubbed “smart factory” or “advanced manufacturing.”

  • Airbus Completes Flight Tests on Airspeed Sensor System for Helicopters

    Airbus Group has completed successful flight tests on a fiber-optic, eye-safe, laser-based sensor system that delivers accurate airspeed information in three axes at low and negative airspeed for rotary wing aircraft.

  • Growth Returns to the Market for Motion Controls in 2014

    After declining for two straight years, revenues from the sales of motion-control products are forecast to grow over 6% in 2014 to $12.2 billion according to the latest IHS study on the market for motion controls.

  • Process Industry Increasingly Goes Wireless

    Process engineers and operators need to measure the conditions of operations to make quality products efficiently and safely. In the past, larger individual pieces of process equipment were fitted with sensors to help with this measurement.

  • Internet of Things in the Real World, Part 3

    There’s little doubt that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) would be ideal for enabling the manufacturing and extraction industries to be more efficient and productive—producing more output with reduced input of time, effort and energy.

  • In Praise of Small Data

    “Big Data” has taken the business world by storm. The digital age and the spread of social networks have enticed companies into making huge investments in computer power, servers and networking technology to acquire enormously complex data sets.

  • Is Hyperspectral Imaging Ready to Take Off?

    After the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, the U.S. space agency, NASA, deployed its Earth Resources-2 aircraft to detect the presence, extent and concentration of the spill.


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