• Kits for Clean Water Get Crowdfunding Treatment

    Using gravity, sunlight and a few materials, the kits are capable of producing as much as 10 liters per day of safe drinking water. Researchers hope to raise $30,000 through the crowdfunding initiative, which would enable them to create 1,000 kits.

  • Could Smart Guns Help Reduce Gun Violence?

    How would a smart gun prevent a potential shooter from following through? The obvious answer is that only the person, or persons, who are authorized to shoot a particular gun can fire it.

  • Hydrogen Sensor is Ultra-Fast and Super-Sensitive

    The metal-organic framework-coated nanowire array detects hydrogen gas levels under 1 vol% in less than seven seconds.

  • Start-Up Creates Wearable Air Quality Tracker

    Interns for a Paris start-up that builds air quality and forecasting technologies have spent the last three years helping to build, design and test a device capable of tracking both indoor and outdoor air quality.

  • 'Car-Free Day' in Paris

    Paris drivers were encouraged to abandon their automobiles on Sunday and instead bike, walk or blade to their destinations in celebration of “car-free day.”

  • AI Used to Predict Relationship Longevity

    With a growing trend in using artificial intelligence to make predictions about everything, it is only natural that the technology would eventually be applied to making suggestions about the longevity of our personal relationships.

  • See the Final Design of the First Autonomous Electric Container Vessel

    The 2.4 ton model of the final design incorporates technology destined for the full-size version, including a fully working tunnel thruster system.

  • FAA Prohibits Drone Flights Near U.S. Landmarks

    Effective October 5, 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is prohibiting drones from being flown within 400 feet of a handful of national landmarks.

  • Study Being Conducted on the Impact of Food Waste

    Working on his doctoral research, Werf is attempting to understand why people throw out vast amounts of food and is looking for solutions to curb the waste. Werf believes that the study results will not only reveal environmental implications, but also financial and social ones.

  • Health Monitoring Tattoos

    Researchers from MIT and Harvard have created tattoo ink that can inform the wearer of vital health data.

  • Direct Insertion Hygrometer Sensor

    A direct insertion hygrometer sensor with integral temperature sensor provides enhanced stability and a dynamic range of negative 40 to positive 95 degree Celsius dew/frost point over a wide range of ambient conditions.

  • 'Snakebot' Deployed for Urban Search and Rescue

    Following last week's earthquake in Mexico City, a snake-like robot entered a collapsed apartment building for its first real-world test as an urban search-and-rescue tool.

  • Isolated Pressure Transducer

    A pressure transducer with measurement ranges from 30-inch vacuum to 200 pounds per square inch features a 4-20 mA output signal and a flexible barrier that isolates the transducer from process fluids.

  • Life-Saving Drones

    According to a study of 15 healthy individuals, the results obtained by the drone were as accurate as traditional monitoring methods such as pulse oximeters, respiratory belts and ECGs.

  • At-Home Vital Sign Monitoring

    Building on an earlier design of a radar capable of measuring a person’s vital signs, researchers from Kyoto University's Center of Innovation and Panasonic Corporation developed a device that can measure how the heart beats as the body moves without the burden of wires and equipment.

  • Abandoned Air Raid Shelter Now Home to Urban Farm

    A London underground air raid shelter, originally constructed to protect up to 8,000 people from World War II bombings, is finding new life as an urban farm.

  • Barcelona Attacks Highlight the Need for More Bollards and Terrorist Countermeasures

    The terrorist attacks in Barcelona and nearby Cambrils on August 17, 2017, killed 16 people and left 136 pedestrians injured. What are the simplest, most effective and low-cost countermeasures to stop terrorism’s current weapons of choice, vehicles?

  • Twitter Expands Character Limit to 280

    Have more to say and Twitter just doesn’t give you enough room with its 140-character limit?

  • The Food of the Future Is ... Bird Feathers?

    Not only is the process inexpensive, it also works effectively without chemical additives, which is just one of many benefits of the process, according to researcher Mohammad H. A. Ibrahim.

  • Objects Able to "Talk" Using Stereophonic Device

    Ever imagine what objects would say if they could speak? Well wonder no more thanks to researchers at NEC Corporation who have designed an acoustic augmented reality technology that gives a “voice” to typically voiceless objects for wearers of specially-designed wireless earphones.


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