• Calibrate your Durometer In-house

    Rex Gauge Co.'s RDC-1 durometer calibrator was designed to help durometer users obtain in-house calibration ability. The calibrator comes complete with weights for calibrating springloads of gauges in the A, B, C, D, DO and O durometer scales.

  • Biosensers Using the Body's Own Cells

    The idea of implanting a device housing live cells into the body to act as a biosensenor able to detect changes and threats in the body is both technically difficult to achieve and very attractive to the scientific community.

  • Replacing Bridge Using Novel Technology

    With America’s bridges receiving a grade of C+ in an American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the Delaware Department of Transportation decided to assess a novel replacement approach for an aged two-lane bridge.

  • Visualization Program Protects Statistical Significance

    In the modern age, it’s easy for users to explore large data sets for correlations. Unfortunately, the ability to ask unending questions of the same data series increases the chance for false discoveries.

  • Protecting Autonomous Vehicles from Cyberattack

    As vehicles become more and more autonomous — internet-enabled, self-driving — their vulnerability to cyberattacks becomes greater and greater. As a result, Texas A&M University researchers have created an intelligent transportation system prototype to prevent collisions and to help thwart autonomous vehicle hacking attempts.

  • Drone Provides Tornado Damage Assessment in Oklahoma

    Small unmanned aerial systems provided real-time support for disaster response efforts after the May 16 event.



  • What Is the Real Cost of an Industrial Robot Arm?

    Robot use has risen exponentially since the 1960s, when they were primarily used for painting, welding and assembly applications in the automotive industry. Advancements in artificial intelligence, electronics, computing technology and components, such as end-effectors and sensors, have brought robots to new industries and applications. Robots are now a growing presence in countless applications, ranging from the aerospace, electrical and agriculture industries, to warehouse, food and beverage, and material technologies.So, how much does an industrial robot arm really cost?

Data Acquisition

Fluid Power

  • Fuel Dispensing Equipment & Operation

    Fuel dispensing equipment dispenses and monitors liquid or gaseous fuel. Fuel dispensers are used to pump liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, or kerosene into a vehicle, aircraft, storage tank or portable container.

Motion and Control

  • How Mechanical Brakes Work

    Mechanical brakes arrest the energy of a machine or object via force, most commonly friction.



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