• The current state of the connected car

    02 Jun 2015
    Source: Alastair Hayfield, Director, Automotive Technology, IHS Automotive
    Alastair Hayfield, Director of Automotive Technology for IHS Automotive, discusses the current state of the connected car.
  • How has information seeking changed in 20 years?

    26 May 2015
    Source: Benoit Simonet, Client Innovation Director, IHS Product Design
    Benoit Simonet, Client Innovation Director for IHS Product Design, discusses information seeking and how it has changed over the past 20 years.
  • Why engineering is critical to maintaining shareholder value

    19 May 2015
    Source: Jason Sonneborn, Senior Director, Consulting & Innovation, IHS Product Design
    Jason Sonneborn, Senior Director of Consulting & Innovation for IHS Product Design, discusses the critical role of engineering in maintaining and enhancing shareholder value.
  • Why material light weighting is a critical product design issue

    13 May 2015
    Source: Jim Belfiore, Managing Director, Client Innovation, IHS Product Design
    Jim Belfiore, Managing Director of Client Innovation for IHS Product Design, discusses the trend toward light weighting in product design and its implications.
  • Semiconductor Synergies in Mobile Solutions Drive the 5G Future

    05 May 2015
    Source: Dale Ford, Vice President and Chief Analyst, IHS Technology
    Dale Ford, Vice President and Chief Analyst for IHS Technology, discusses how semiconductor synergies in mobile solutions are driving the 5G future.
  • Why Is LTE Achieving Mass Market Adoption Faster than Previous Generations?

    28 Apr 2015
    Source: Francis Sideco, Senior Director Mobile Electronics, IHS Technology
    Francis Sideco, Senior Director of Mobile Electronics for IHS Technology, discusses why LTE is achieving mass market adoption faster than previous generations.
  • How Is Asia Impacting the Mobile Market?

    14 Apr 2015
    Source: Tomonari Nomura, APAC Regional Manager, IHS Technology
    Tomonari Nomura, APAC Regional Manager for IHS Technology, discusses how Asia is impacting the mobile market.
  • What Oil and Gas Pressures Are Influencing Engineering

    07 Apr 2015
    Source: Dr. Matt Coates, Innovation Fellow, IHS Product Design
    Dr. Matt Coates, Innovation Fellow with IHS Product Design, discusses how oil and natural gas price pressures are affecting engineering.
  • Impact of Oil Prices and Global Events on Metals

    31 Mar 2015
    Source: John Anton, Director, Pricing and Purchasing, IHS
    John Anton, Director, Pricing and Purchasing at IHS, discusses the impact of low oil prices and global events on metals.
  • U.S. Consumer Outlook and the Impact of Low Oil Prices

    24 Mar 2015
    Source: Chris Christopher, Director, U.S. Consumer, IHS Economics
    Chris Christopher, Director, U.S. Consumer for IHS Economics, discusses the outlook for consumer spending and the impact of low oil prices.
  • Market Implications of the New Oil Shock

    10 Mar 2015
    Source: Jim Burkhard, Vice President, IHS Energy
    Jim Burkhard, Vice President of IHS Energy, discusses global market implications of the new oil price shock.
  • Blurred Lines as Security, Building Automation Sectors Begin to Blend

    03 Mar 2015
    Source: Paul Everett, Director, Building Technologies, IHS Technology
    Paul Everett, Director of Building Technologies for IHS Technology, discusses how the security and building automation sectors are beginning to blend, blurring lines between the two.
  • Impacts of Low Oil Prices on Specialty Chemicals

    24 Feb 2015
    Source: Adrian Beale, Senior Director, Research, IHS Chemical
    Adrian Beale, Senior Director of Research for IHS Chemical, discusses the effect of low oil prices on global markets for specialty chemicals.
  • U.S. and Global Economic Overview

    17 Feb 2015
    Source: Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS
    IHS Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh highlights the key factors affecting the U.S. and global economies, including the impact of lower oil prices.
  • Quality and manufacturing

    10 Feb 2015
    Source: Paul Mainprize, IHS Quality Risk Management Consultant
    Paul Mainprize, IHS Quality Risk Management consultant, discusses issues related to quality and manufacturing.
  • Having confidence in a volatile pricing world

    03 Feb 2015
    Source: KC Chang, Senior Economist, IHS Pricing and Purchasing
    KC Chang, senior economist with IHS Pricing and Purchasing, discusses the current volatile pricing environment and its effect on buying decisions.
  • The aging labor force and challenges to short-term growth

    27 Jan 2015
    Source: Doug Handler, Chief U.S. Economist, IHS Economics
    Doug Handler, chief U.S. economist for IHS Economics, discusses the aging labor force and resulting challenges to short-term growth.
  • Forecasting political risks to the global supply chain

    20 Jan 2015
    Source: David Hunt, Senior Manager, IHS Country Risk
    David Hunt, senior manager for IHS Country Risk, discusses political risks and their effect on global supply chains.
  • Protecting industry from a new wave of attacks

    13 Jan 2015
    Source: Toby Colquhoun, Senior Analyst, Industrial Automation, IHS Technology
    Toby Colquhoun, Senior Analyst, Industrial Automation, discusses why cyber security is increasingly important for industry.
  • Automotive industry driving optoelectronics

    06 Jan 2015
    Source: Stewart Shinkwin, Analyst, Lighting and LEDs, IHS Technology
    Stewart Shinkwin, Analyst, Lighting and LEDs, discusses how the automotive industry increasingly is driving the optoelectronics market.
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