• In-flight Hydrogen Production for Aviation

    Technology for producing hydrogen on-board during commercial aircraft flights can support fuel cell operation to generate electricity for auxiliary power.

  • NASA Tries to Lower the Boom for Supersonic Flight

    To beat the boom from supersonic flight, NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology Project is advancing the Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) experimental aircraft (X-plane).

  • China's COMAC C919 Commercial Jet Cleared for Takeoff

    China's internally designed and developed passenger, the COMAC C919, has passed high-speed runway tests in Shanghahi, and has been cleared for it's maiden flight.

  • Simple, No-bake Brick Recipe

    Engineers hoping to provide habitats for a future manned mission to Mars have found a way to create bricks using soil from that planet.

  • How to Become a Robotics Technician

    Robotics technology is a rapidly growing industry and, as long as advancements continue to be made in the robotics industry, it will not slow down any time soon. That being said, anyone with a love of robots and technology might as well consider jumping into a career in the growing field.

  • Low GWP Refrigerants - Understanding GWP, GHG, ODP and Climate Change

    Low GWP is important, but only one of many factors involved in refrigerant selection and safe use, such as flammability, toxicity, VOC levels, cost and availability.

  • What Is the Real Cost of an Industrial Robot Arm?

    The price of industrial robots has dropped more than 25 percent since 2014, and is forecast to drop an additional 22 percent by 2025. What is the real cost of an industrial robot arm?

  • Final Days of Cassini

    The spacecraft Cassini, which has been circulating Saturn and its moons for the last 13 years, will take a deep change in orbit to get closer to the planet in preparation of its final days looking for a decent burial on the surface of Saturn.

  • UAV Soars on Fuel Cell Power

    A proton exchange membrane fuel cell propulsion system successfully powered the ScanEagle UAV during test flights.

  • Uber and Embraer to Explore VTOLs for Commuters

    Uber Elevate Network could allow the development and deployment of small electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles for urban commutes.

  • Bonding Tapes: A Strong Option for Many Applications

    Compared to fasteners, bonding tapes are faster and easier to apply, obsoletes the need for drilled holes which could cause leaks, and require much less labor time and cost to apply.

  • The Fabric of Space, Printed by NASA

    Metallic fabrics might be used for large antennas, to shield a spacecraft from meteorites or for spacesuits.

  • Boeing Cuts Engineers as Aircraft Sales Slow

    Boeing has cut its Washington workforce by 9% to 70,640 employees over the past year. The company’s total headcount has shrunk 7.6% to 146,962 since March 2016.

  • Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute Membership Event

    The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute held its kick-off meeting on April 12th and 13th at the National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The meeting was attended by over 200 people representing many organizations from academia, industry and the public sector.

  • Mobile Unit Eradicates Chemical Agents

    The unit demonstrated a more than 99.9999 percent destruction of simulated chemical warfare agents and effective scrubbing of acid gases.

  • Hoists with Overload Protection

    OZ Lifting Products LLC provides premium chain and lever lifting hoists with overload protection. Lifting Hoists with capacities ranging from .5 ton to 50 tons are available with this safety feature.

  • Oil Mist Eliminators: The Green Tech Nobody Talks About

    Lubricating oils become converted into very fine particles and create vapors inside of the equipment. Prior to new technology developments, this vapor was vented into the atmosphere, where the oily mist would settle in and contaminate the surrounding areas.

  • How to Select the Right Valve for Your Application

    Many factors are involved in selecting the correct valve for your application. While valve sizing and selection can be a complex process, an engineer can start the valve selection process by understanding their application requirements and finding suitable valve specifications to meet these needs.

  • Avoiding Industrial Downtime by Filtering Lubricating Oils

    One way to protect the turbines is by implementing lubricating oils that guard against the wear-and-tear on moving parts within a turbine, as well as assist in other ways, such as heat transfer and protection against corrosion.

  • New Method for 3-D Printing Extraterrestrial Materials

    When humans begin to colonize the moon and Mars, they will need to be able to make everything from small tools to large buildings using the limited surrounding resources.