• 'Out of this World' AI Impacts the Future of Space Tech

    Missions to space face a hostile environment with many challenges. On a mission to Mars, operators must contend with high communication latencies. Round-trip communication times between Mars and Earth range from 6.5 minutes to 44 minutes. In addition, the communication window between Earth and Mars is not always open. Every 2.1 years (Mars’ synodic period), the sun blocks communication between the planets for 14 days. Intelligent machines with the ability to process large amounts of data and make real-time decisions on their own would increase efficiencies of both manned and robotic missions by avoiding the need to send instructions across the long distances between planets.

Building and Construction Building and Construction

Consumer Consumer

  • Solar Decathlon Tests Creative College Teams

    Teams from the U.S., the Netherlands and Switzerland are in Denver where full-scale houses are on display that combine solar power, innovative architecture and high energy efficiency. $300,000 in prize money is at stake.

Electronics Electronics

Environmental, Health and Safety Environmental, Health and Safety

Life Sciences Life Sciences

Materials and Chemicals Materials and Chemicals

  • Sky's the Limit for Nanotech

    Nanotechnology is finding its way into many industries and a wide range of applications. Here's a look at some of the ways it has manifested itself in the aviation industry, for which its promise of lightweight materials and improved efficiency are an ideal match.
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