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  • Pump Primer: How U.S. Gasoline Prices Are Set

    The new report, Pump Primer: How U.S. Gasoline Prices are Set, builds on the gasoline pricing analysis previously used in a series of comprehensive IHS studies on U.S. crude export policy. The studies found that removing the U.S. crude export ban would actually lower U.S. gasoline prices an average of 8 cents per gallon by encouraging greater U.S. crude production. All else being equal, a more well-supplied world oil market will put downward pressure on international crude oil prices—and consequently on U.S. gasoline prices.
  • Assessing the economic impact of a US crude oil free trade policy

    Unleashing the Supply Chain: Assessing the Economic Impact of a US Crude Oil Free Trade Policy, builds on previous IHS research, US Crude Oil Export Decision, that assessed the impact of removing the export ban on the US economy. It found that lifting the ban would lead to further increases in domestic investment and oil production, resulting in lower gasoline prices while supporting nearly 1 million additional jobs at the peak. This new study examines the US crude oil supply chain and finds that it supports nearly 300,000 of those additional jobs at the peak.

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